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When planning your kitchen remodeling project, think about layout, function and efficiency.

No matter what size or shape kitchen you design, it’s essential to create a kitchen layout that makes cooking easier and more efficient.

Because the kitchen is center of your home and one of the most active rooms in your home, you deserve to feel proud of your kitchen every time you step inside.  It needs to be a space that you love.


Sit back and Relax. We got it!

We have completed many kitchen remodeling projects in the DMV Area. That’s why you can rely on Factotum Remodeling to provide full service design build kitchen remodeling that will result in excellent design and sensible functionality.

Are you looking for help in designing and remodeling your kitchen? Then give us a call.

We can chat with you about ideas for your kitchen design and help assess the ideas that you have for your kitchen remodeling project based on the space you already have. 

New Kitchen Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets can cost a lot of money, so it’s important to consider your storage needs, lifestyle and budget when choosing cabinet materials. Cabinet boxes are the spine of your cabinets. They hold a lot of weight from small appliances, pots and pans, dishes and food items. If your cabinet boxes aren’t strong enough, your cabinets will break down faster resulting in cracking, chipping and breaking.


When selecting countertop materials for your kitchen remodel, think about durability, maintenance requirements, style and budget.


There’s a wide variety of beautiful materials to choose from, so it’s important to choose one that provides maximum durability, easy maintenance, and complements your kitchen style, colors and finishes. You can choose from a wide variety of countertop materials for your kitchen.

We are a Full Countertop Fabrication and Installation company

Countertop Selections

Kitchens are high-traffic areas that take a lot of abuse. As a family-friendly space, a kitchen floor is subject to mud and dirt from shoes, stains from all types of spills, pet hair, and daily dust and grime. With an unexpected spill or broken glass on the floor, you even run the risk of bodily injury.


When choosing a flooring material for your kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to think about durability, maintenance, and safety.

Kitchen Flooring Options


Kitchen Backsplash

The primary purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall from liquids, usually water. But it also serves as the decor focal point after your kitchen renovation.

It defines the style of your work area, radiating your personality and reflecting the mood and feel of your cooking space.

From clean minimalist to chic vintage, there are countless design and style options to choose from. What is most important is to choose a style that makes you happy. This is what matters most after all. 

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet task lighting is used in a broad assortment of residential and commercial applications. They more than suffice for decorative use and functional processes alike.


In kitchens, the focus is to minimize or do away with pockets of shadow in and under cabinets. Lights placed under cabinets are an important part of decorative illumination. Areas in the home or office benefit from custom under cabinet lighting by reducing eye strain and maintaining a soothing ambiance. Something on which everyone can agree is that it offers some of the most beautiful lighting styles available. 

Samsung Family Hub 3.png

Smart Appliances

New appliances make up a big portion of kitchen renovation costs, but they are necessary to give an old kitchen updated style and energy-efficient features. When replacing your old appliances, look for new ones that are energy efficient. Not only will they make your kitchen tasks easier and faster, they will save you hundreds of dollars each year on your home energy costs. 

Today’s state-of-the art appliances offer homeowners many advantages in the kitchen. Stoves and ovens, microwaves, and small appliances can now be programmed for cooking times and on-off cycles with a computer or smart phone from any remote location. Refrigerators can be programmed to let you know when foods are expired or need to be replaced. You can even program your grocery list through your refrigerator. Just imagine the endless possibilities and joy of cooking with these innovative appliances in your kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware

Choose from drawer knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, decorative back plates, and coordinating accessories like drawer slides and locks. Installing new hardware is often an easy, do-it-yourself project that pays big dividends for your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, dressers, and side tables.

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